What is my timber worth? As you imagine we get this question a lot. The truth of the mater of course, is that some timber such as Walnut fluctuate in price. White oak and some other hardwoods stay relatively the same. The best bet is to get a FREE timber evaluation. Some trees can be valuable so a trusted professional is key.  

What is a FREE timber evaluation? We It all starts with a phone call to get some general information. We will inquire about your location, type of timber, size and number of trees along with access and property boarders. Then at a convenient time we will meet you at your property and discuss your best options. 
What are some of my options? We offer several options including harvesting on shares, lump standing or plot management. To get more specific check out or options page
What is timber management? Our timber management programs are great if you would like to make residual income and for wildlife management. Once you get you FREE timber evaluation we will make arrangements to revisit your site in the future to harvest the older trees that need to be removed for young growth. Harvesting if a reliable source of income if done correctly.

If you have a logging job, timber removal or need to have your timber managed for residual income, aesthetics or wildlife West Logging can help.
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